Odds of famous games

All gamblers before playing the game pay attention on such an important issue as gaming odds and house edge. Odds are the possible outcome of the game. House edge is a correlation of average loss to the initial bet. Odds and house edge are closely connected with each other. Let's look at the odds and house advantage of some casino games. Best casino games odds depend on various factors such as betting types (Baccarat, Roulette), level of skills (Blackjack) etc.

Blackjack odds

Blackjack is the only game among others that has strategies and can be beaten. Therefore it has the lowest house edge from 0.1% to 3%. Blackjack odds the same as house edge depend on the level of skills, on the quantity of decks. Single

  • Single deck odds if dealer hits on 17 - 0.0013%, if stand - 0.1896%
  • Double Deck odds if dealer hits on 17 - 0.3359%, stands - 0.5374%
  • Four deck odds if dealer hits on 17 - 0.4953%, stands - 0.7128%
  • Six deck odds if dealer hits on 17 - 0.5479%, stands - 0.7672%
  • Eight deck odds if dealer hits on 17 - 0.5742%, stands - 0.7945%

Roulette odds

Between two types of roulette American and European, the last one is more gainful. Its house edge is significantly lower 2.7% than that of American roulette 5.26%. It can be explained by the fact that European roulette has only single zero on table layout when American roulette has double zero. Betting types in both roulette types are inside and outside. Outside best have higher odds, but lower payouts.

Baccarat odds

This game is simple and requires no skills to play. Its odds the same as in Roulette depend on the type of bet. Baccarat has three betting options Banker, Player and Tie. To win this game, it is better to bet on Banker all the time.