The supposition that the craps game is not rewarding is wrong. Learning craps is easy, and the rewards would also be satisfactory. Moreover, you will feel the thrill of rolling the dices for some serious money. Craps is also a fun game that attracts girls and high rollers. Your craps initiative would bring you a lot of money, and it will also be fun.

Another category of gamblers would avoid craps thinking that the game could be arranged easily. It is true that dices can be easily rigged, and some dices having the same number of different sides is the simplest solution. However, for land-based casinos, the controls and fines are harsh, so the casinos can't afford to have such craps tables. For the online craps game, the independent authorities checking the casinos won't allow an arranged craps table.

Basic craps rules

Although a craps table has places for six persons, only four of them are participating actively to a certain craps game. The boxman is the equivalent of the pit Boss of the casino, making it sure that the players aren't stealing chips or using rigged dices. The dealers would take care about the players on their respective side of the table, and the stickman controls and throws the dices.

If the stickman throws a total of 7 or 11 on the dices from the first hand, you are a winner. You will double your bets, and you will have to wait until the game ends for the other players also. Of course, some combinations would make you lose all your money from the first throw. The losing totals are 2, 3 or 12.

Any other total would be considered the "box". Your goal is to throw the dices until you get that combination again. If a 7 is thrown before you would get that combination, you will lose the current stakes.

House edge on craps

A total of 11 has a house edge of 16.66 %. This is a huge house edge, and maybe this is one of the reasons for gamblers not to bet on craps. A total of 7 has the same house edge.

Some casinos would give you the possibility to buy bets. In this case, the house edge goes lower than 5 percent, and this is a decent edge used in the majority of online casino games.

There are also other combinations, each having a different house edge and probability. As we are talking about 6 numbers and two dices, the combinations are limited. This is why the game is suited for statistics and mathematics, and there are many players that got rich on craps just by calculating the odds.