Roulette tips

These are some strategies and tips to help you improve your game:

Improving your odds

  • Check what percentage the casino's roulette tables pay out at and compare those numbers to other casinos. You will obviously want to choose the casino with the highest payout in order to increase your rate of winning.
  • Always play single-zero European Roulette and avoid American Roulette with its double-zero wheel and its' dramatically increased house advantage of 5.28% instead of 2.65%.
  • European Roulette tables where "La Partage" or "In Prison" rules are in play further lower the advantage of the house, and are preferred to tables without it.


  • Decide on the exact amount of money that will be going into your bankroll for Roulette before you even think of leaving for the casino. Deciding strict limits beforehand helps prevent you from making a bad decision later when you think your unlucky streak is about to end in just one more bet.
  • Find a table that has limits that are a good match for your bankroll. Even though the prospect of betting an excessive amount in one round in attempt for a large payoff may seem attractive, realize that you are more likely to make a win after several attempts on a lower limit table.

Placing Your Bets

  • Before you begin to play at your chosen table, you will want to look at the history of previous results, generally available on an electronic readout on all modern roulette tables. If there has been a long streak of one color, or odd numbers, for example, you should probably consider playing the opposite color or otherwise some betting system accordingly.
  • You will want to focus on the bets around the outside of the board, such as Black and Red, Odd and Even, High and Low, and the columns and 12 number groupings. Although these pay out less than the individual numbers on the interior, you are much more likely to get a consistent amount of winnings over the long term.
  • Don't rely on a lucky number coming up, if you are playing individual numbers you may want to consider playing a group, or alternatively playing both numbers and an outside bet in order to increase the odds in your favor.
  • As with the other games at the casino, you will want to follow a betting regimen where you increase your bets as you win and decrease your bets as you lose according to how much of your budget is left. Do not fall into the fallacy of repeatedly doubling your bet as you lose.
  • Furthermore, do not fall into the trap of immediately betting your entire winnings on a number hit back onto the table, as this is the fastest way to lose all your winnings.